Looking for an outdoor adventure park near Inverness?

If you are looking for an adventure park near Inverness then head for a day out at Wildwoodz Adventure Park. An exciting outdoor venue offering paintballing, archery, laser tag, axe throwing and much more. There are lots of fun activities to choose from. With 5 star service and equipment, you are in capable hands. So read on to find out more.


So much fun!

Lose yourself and create everlasting memories on a great day out here!


So if you want to find somewhere to go paintballing near Inverness, this is the venue to head to. Here you can choose from Adults, Kids, Family and Mini paintball sessions. Important to note is that children must be 11 years old or over unless they partake in Mini paintball. Mini paintball is at lower firepower and you can be aged 9-11 to take part. A truly memorable experience that is well worth trying out. It is something never to be forgotten and certainly creates a lot of mess as well as a lot of fun.


Wilwoodz also offers archery. So if you’re in Inverness and fancy trying your hand at this why not book a session. Again, adult, kids and family archery is on offer with an additional option of combat archery. An interesting mix between paintball and archery this is a great new sport for those aged 12 and upwards. Watch this video to see what it is all about. A hilarious and exciting activity to get involved with and certainly one to look back on.


Laser Tag

Furthermore, you can get involved Lasertag again with adult, kids and family offerings. As in the title, a laser gun is used. Head into the woods and let the fun begin. With up 10 lives and unlimited ammunition you can hunt your enemy without the mess that comes with paintballing and also less the bruises! It’s a great activity to get your family involved with, creating everlasting memories. Hearty laughs along the way and trying to stop the adults from taking it too seriously adds to the experience. So what are you waiting for?

And there is more at this fun adventure park near Inverness!

Wait did you say more? Yes, there is also Axe Throwing (and yes we did say axe throwing) for you wannabe Vikings out there. This will see you throwing a 12-inch tomahawk (sharp axe) into heavy-duty targets. And there is more… once you get the hang of it. But that is something you will just have to wait and see when you try this fun sport out. Tuition is part of the package so you and the rest stay safe!

You can also get involved in Bushcraft Adventures. This sees you living off the land and learning ancient skills. Get in touch with your inner Bear Grylls. Learn foraging skills, how to light a fire and even Zombie Survival. You need to try it out to see what it’s all about. A great fun, eye-opening and exciting day out.

Fancy trying out WWZ Zombie Survival? For those with an active imagination, this sees you heading deep into the woods. Here you learn how to exist undetected, how to avoid infection, invent new weapons plus create your own rules. Want to know more? Then go along and try it out! Lasting 4 hours you will use your imagination and skills to survive in what may happen one day in the future. Exhilarating, exciting and certainly thought-provoking.

Exciting fun for all to enjoy

So what are you waiting for? Book a fun day with family, friends or even colleagues and create everlasting memories! Contact and find Wildwoodz here. And once you have completed a day at Wildwoodz return to our site to plan your next adventure. Check out more fun outdoor activities here to plan your trip of a lifetime.

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