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Tomatin is a distillery near Inverness, offering whisky tours. Here, you will tour the distillery and learn how Tomatin produce their award-winning whiskies. Then at the end of your tour, you get to sample three types of whisky. The visitor centre also has a gift shop, where you can browse a range of Tomatin whiskies and merchandise. Plus, a ‘bottle your own’ option, where you can choose your own bottle of Tomatin’s cask strength whisky to purchase and take home. Thus providing you with a special memento of your trip to this Highland whisky distillery!


Born in 1897

Tomatin means 'Hill of the Juniper Bush'

History of Tomatin

Tomatin, meaning “Hill of the Juniper Bush”, is a small village near Inverness. Distillation began in this area in the 16th century, but it was illegal until 1823. ‘Old Laird’s House’, a house that still remains on the grounds today, is believed to be the location of an early illicit still, where cattle drovers would stop to fill their flask when taking their livestock to market.

Finally, in 1897, the site became an officially operating distillery, during the peak of the Victorian whisky boom. From here, Tomatin Distillery was born. Due to its remote location, a number of houses were built on-site for the distillery workers to live in.

The distillery has changed ownership several times and at one point it was the biggest distillery in Scotland. In 1986, two Japanese companies, Takara Shuzo and Okura & Co, bought the site. Switching focus from scale to quality, Tomatin entered its most successful era of whisky production.

Today, 80% of the Tomatin workforce still live in distillery houses on-site, making it more than a job. They state it is a ‘way of life’ and ‘every bottle of whisky we make is distilled with pride’.

Book a whisky tour

Book your Tomatin whisky tour today. You can book a tour here in advance to avoid disappointment.

But why stop there? Many whisky lovers visiting Scotland aim to tour as many whisky distilleries as possible. As you work your way around the country, you can taste how local geography and geology influences the flavours of your favourite whisky.



Tomatin Distillery, Inverness IV13 7YT


01463 248144

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