Reelig Glen Highland Walks

Reelig Glen is an ancient forest, known locally as Fairy Glen. This old woodland by the Moniack River historically belonged to the Fraser family, until the Forestry Commission bought it in 1949. In the 19th century, James Baillie Fraser planted many of the trees here. It is now a popular walking area, with two waymarked trails. And these walks are ideal for spotting red squirrels in the Highlands, pine martins, birdlife and many other fantastic creatures.

The glen is famous for its grove of Douglas firs. And four of the tallest trees in Britain grow there .. a Douglas fir, Norway spruce, larch and lime tree. All measuring higher than 45m!

It is often called Fairy Glen, due to its secluded setting with magical glades and atmospheric waters.


Ancient trees

The tallest tree in Britain at over 200 feet

Tall Trees Trail and Upper Reelig Trail

Both walks start from the Forestry Commission car park at Moniack Burn.

The glen’s woodland is a mixture of old conifer and broadleaved trees, but its real glory is, of course, its Douglas Firs. The Tall Trees Trail takes you past these ancient trees, well over 100 years old and standing to magnificent heights. Explore this beautiful route and search for “Dughall Mor” (Big Douglas). Measured the tallest tree in Britain in 2000, at over 200 feet (64 metres). The route is 1.7 km and takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Walk through the woodland above the glen on the Upper Reelig Trail. This is a demanding walk with long steep slopes and some uneven rocky steps. It offers a fairly wide but uneven surface, with sections of exposed tree roots and mud. Proper walking wear is advised. The route is 1.9 km and takes around 1 hour to complete.

How To Get To Reelig Glen

Reelig Glen is to the west of Inverness, around a 20-minute drive via the A862. Visit Forestry and Land Scotland website for driving instructions and further information.


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