The Preacher's Footsteps at Glenmoriston

Have you ever wondered who has stood exactly where you are standing before? Kings, peasants, maids and warriors, all lost to time. All, that is, apart from one specific place near Inverness where two footprints in Glenmoriston have, somehow, persisted through time.

Two perfectly formed footprints in the ground. Nothing special about that? Well, these footprints have been there for over two hundred years, and it is said that they won’t disappear until the End of Days…

Yet you can see for yourself these ancient but fresh-looking set of footprints at Torgyle, just an hour south-west of Inverness near Loch Ness. But beware, they might send a ghostly shiver up your spine. Read on for more…


The story of Preacher Finlay Munro...

...and his eternal footsteps in Glenmoriston

The mysterious footprints

So how can a person’s footsteps last this long? And who did they belong to? To answer these questions, we need to travel back to the 1820s and acquaint ourselves with a travelling preacher named Finlay Munro. He would travel around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland preaching the gospel to anyone he could find. He wasn’t always treated well, but he had a persistence about him that meant he would endure torment whilst still continuing with his work.

Munro was subjected to regular heckles about his faith. His views were not popular amongst the Roman Catholics of the time. Many of them came to hear him speak at Glenmoriston. Having faced enough abuse, Munro called on the power of God to prove that what he was saying was true. 

" footprints will endure"

It is recorded that Munro informed his hecklers that the very clay in which he stood would testify to the truth of his words and that his footprints would endure. They would last until his hearers met their judgment or, according to some, until the Day of Judgment.

And so, to this very day, you can find the footprints exactly where he was stood. Even after some vandals tried to rip up the area in 1976, the footprints returned. It isn’t often you can get up close to unique Inverness historical attractions like these.

As for a scientific reason how the footsteps have remained intact for so long? We haven’t been able to find one yet…


Step back in time

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How to find the Preacher’s Footprints at Glenmoriston

There’s no real dedication to the footsteps or any useful markers, so finding them for the first time can be tricky. If you use what3words, then input trickling.replying.bids to find the location precisely. If you are hiking and looking for directions, then cross Torgyle Bridge and head east for a quarter-mile. You’ll come across a small parking area, with a gate. Go through and you should see the cairn and Glenmoriston footprints straight away.

At least, we hope so, otherwise it might just be the End of Days…

Wondering what Glenmoriston looks like?


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