Discover the stunning Plodda Falls


If you are looking for a short, quiet walk through beautiful woodland with a surprise at the end, then head over to Plodda Falls. This gorgeous little area has been wowing visitors for years, and is perfect for those who are looking to explore the Scottish Highlands and perhaps catching sight of some of our unique wildlife.


The stunning Plodda Falls

...and its wonderful woodland

Plodda Falls near Tomich

The area around Plodda Falls in Glen Affric can be tricky to get to if you don’t have a car. It’s around five miles from the nearest village of Tomich, and there is no public transport to get you there. It’s also on a small, narrow road. However it’s worth the adventure of driving to Plodda Falls.

Before you head off, you might want to stock up on snacks and drinks from Tomich. The Coach House Cafe offers some delicious cakes and warm coffee, as well as other tasty treats for the walk ahead. Also be forewarned that once you get to the falls, there will be no internet or phone reception.

You can find the car park on What3Words at either.performed.rosette.

Walk Through Woodland

Before you get to the Plodda Falls themselves, you will have the pleasure of strolling through a towering Scottish woodland of Douglas Firs, some being the tallest in the country. These were planted by Lord Tweedmouth between 1895 and 1900. The tall trees can cast an almost eerie silence, drawing you into their world. But keep your eye out, as there is wildlife to be found here! Look up for red squirrels, a native of Scotland but whose numbers plummeted after the introduction of its cousin the grey squirrel. Look down and you might see wood ants, an endangered species in woodlands across the country.

Throughout the year different mushrooms appear on the woodland floor and throughout the mossy hills. And you will almost always hear birds chattering somewhere up in the branches.

This walk through the trees is suitable for those who can handle steep slopes, mud and some uneven terrain like roots on a grassy path. To get to the falls you can go on one of two routes. Choose either the longer route from the car park (the Tweedmouth Trail) or a shorter path direct to the water (the Plodda Falls Trail). 


Enjoy a woodland walk

And a waterfall at the end

Discovering Plodda Falls

When you get near the waterfall, you are sure to hear it well before you see it. If it has been raining recently, the roar will be thunderous as the water pounds the rocks below.

Plodda Falls are 151 feet (46 metres) high and taller than any other nearby waterfalls. You can watch the falls from up on high, and there is a handy viewing platform where you will get a great view. However if you are still feeling adventurous, there is a small path which will take you to the waterfall’s base. This is where you can experience the full force of the water!

From here, the water from the falls eventually feeds into the River Glass, which is itself a worthy river to visit. If you have enjoyed the Plodda Falls, be sure to also pay a visit to the Divach Falls near Drumnadrochit

Hiking near Plodda Falls


Wondering what a hike near Plodda Falls looks like? This video might help you visualise what awaits.


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