Leakey's Bookshop in Inverness in Scotland

If you are looking for a hidden delight when visiting Inverness and you love books and history, then Leakey’s bookshop in Inverness is a must-see. This treasure trove of a store envelops you with bookshelves swathed in literature spoiling us bookworms of the world. Here you can peruse the wealth of secondhand books that adorn the shelves.


Full of charm and delights

A place that tickles the senses and ignites the imagination - a must-see!

Full of charm and quirks – a shop like no other

Interestingly this shop is housed in an old Gaelic church with a wonderful history behind it. And hints of the church remain such as the pulpit and stained glass windows. Adding to its charm a magnificent wood-burning stove nestles within to heat this enchanting building. Hints of Harry Potter come to mind, with the expectation of an owl to swoop above your head. With an array of comfortable seating to allow you to take time to choose which book(s) to buy combined with the burning stove, you can forget you are in a shop and not in some sort of magical time warp.

History of Leakey's bookshop

This gem was established back in 1979 by Charles Leaky and was originally spread over two shops. In 1994 once the church was converted this magical store was born and has become known as it is today. Hailed one of the most beautiful bookshops in Scotland possibly the UK, it heralds a fascinating history too. Now known as Greyfirar’s Hall this was once St Mary’s Gaelic Church, built in 1679 in the 17th century. With the addition of the spiral staircase, much of the original framework remains.

And did you say ‘Outlander’?

Well doesn’t it get more exciting if there is an Outlander link! And of course, there is. In the aftermath of The Battle of Culloden, this church was used as a temporary hospital to nurse injured soldiers. And you never know, you may cross paths with ‘Roger Mackenzie’ from Outlander as he frequents this store to absorb himself in its magic.

A definite must-see

So when you visit Inverness you must head to this spellbinding place. It comes with the guarantee of magical memories and surely a book or two to cement them with. Furthermore, to add to its story it sits on Church Street in Inverness – how apt! A booklovers dream yet a place full of allure for all who visit. So what are you waiting for?

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Church St, Inverness IV1 1EY


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