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Sitting about half an hour north of Inverness is a little-known yet beautiful castle that has been looking out over the Scottish landscape for hundreds of years. Foulis Castle is best known as home of the Clan Munro. 

The original ancient structure is no longer present. The castle you can see today still dates from the 18th century and is a wonderful building. Please note that in order to visit Foulis Castle, you must make an appointment with them at least three weeks in advance. 


History of the castle

A gift from King Malcolm II

It is believed that in the 11th century, the Foulis estate was gifted to the clan chief of the Munros by King Malcolm II. This was in thanks for help in defeating Viking invaders. Archaeological evidence points to the suggestion that there was construction occurring here at this time. The remains of a special type of mound called a motte can still be seen.

In 1154 a tower was built and this began the construction of what would become a defensive castle. A fire would be lit in the tower to call clansmen to arms in times of war. 

The Munros were on the side of the government during the Jacobite uprisings in the 1700s. Although ultimately on the winning side, the castle was gutted by fire. The castle was rebuilt, but in times of relative peace fortifications were no longer needed. Sir Harry Munro oversaw the reconstruction, changing the castle into a white washed neo-classical mansion and little has changed since then.

Who lives in Foulis Castle today?

Foulis Castle is still a functioning residence to this day. Foulis Castle owner, Clan Chief Hector Munro, lives there with his family and work hard to keep the building and estate (all 1650 acres of it) in excellent condition. 

What is the Clan Munro?

Clans are groups of Scots connected by a common surname. Thus the clan Munro unites all those with the surname Munro together, some of whom may be related through blood. However, not everyone with the surname Munro came from the same ancestor, as many workers took the surname in order to obtain protection or favours. 

Staying at Foulis Castle

Have you ever wanted to stay in a castle? Well here’s your opportunity! There is a choice of accommodation to be found in the castle’s grounds. For example, the Pavillion at Foulis Castle is available on AirBnB and is a luxurious self-catered wing of the castle. 

Suitable for up to 5 guests, it offers access to landscaped gardens, beautiful views and a relaxing escape to the country in style. Find out more about staying at Foulis Castle here

Beautiful places to visit near Inverness

When visiting the Highlands, there are many beautiful places and stunning castle to visit, Foulis Castle being just one of them. There is so much history in these lands that you can almost time travel as you drive around. If you would like to find out more about castles near Inverness, take a look at our dedicated castles page


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